Morehouse College Student Sexually Assaulted By Staff Member

Morehouse College Student Steps Forward With Sexual Assault Allegations, More Harassment Stories Revealed

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After billionaire Robert F. Smith pledged to pay off the Morehouse College Class Of 2019's student loans, the educational institution is making headlines again. The Typical Student team learned more about a scandalous story that has shaken the social media. 

Late Tuesday and Wednesday, a student enrolled in Morehouse College took to Twitter with shocking claims. According to the student, the school has been ignoring his complaint about sexual harassment from a college employee last year. Wednesday afternoon, the college responded to the student's claims saying that a formal investigation started, and the alleged perpetrator is now "on unpaid administrative leave."


Student Harassment Claims

As claimed by the student, the harassment incidents involved "verbal sexual advancements and touching.' The student said he notified the college officials about the situation immediately. Here's how the young man who chose to stay anonymous commented on the situation: "It got to the point where I got into a bad depression.” His two-minute video was watched over 91,000 times by Wednesday afternoon. The alleged sexual assault or harassment victims are not identified without their permission.


Who's The Alleged Perpetrator?



In the statement, issued by the Morehouse College, the employee was identified as DeMarcus Crews, the interim director of housing and residential education. Crews is a former Morehouse grad who has worked at school for four years. On his LinkedIn page, Crews said he was a "student representative for a task force on campus to stop violence against women." 

Here's what @Morehouse Official statement from President Thomas says:




Other Morehouse students stepped out on Twitter to confess they too had fallen victims of sexual assault. A user who goes by the name @keepinupwitRIMM shared his experience: 



Then student got tremendous support from fellow Morehouse students in the ongoing Twitter thread: 





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