The Mystery Of St. Michael's College: What Happened Inside The Most Scandal-Shaken Canadian School

3 years ago



December 2018, Toronto police confirmed that they are investigating 2 additional incidents that happened at scandal-shaken Canadian school - St. Michael's College School. What’s going on? Let the Typical Student tell you more!







Recently, St. Michael's College School canceled its football and basketball programs. It happened after several "troubling" incidents appeared. There were some scaring cases in November and local police are still working on it. According to Father Andrew Leung, all these incidents took place in the school. However, he but refused to provide any details or numerals.

On the other hand, Toronto police also confirmed that they are investigating 2 new incidents. And they took place at St. Michael's College School. Still, the did not provive any additional info as well.

"The Sex Crimes Unit has investigated eight incidents from St. Mike's College School thus far," Const. Caroline de Kloet says. "At this point, there is no further update on the investigations."


The Truth





Without a doubt, everyone wants to know what happened at the school. As stated by Leung, “school remains deeply committed to exposing the truth about what's been happening at the school, even if it's hard to hear.” Besides, Leung highlighted a number of other measures the school is taking. They include:

  • An independent examination of behavior and social practices at the school.
  • Anonymous reporting tools including an app and voicemail tip line.
  • Mandatory workshops for students about building awareness and respect.



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