Nebraska School Chef Fired For Serving Kangaroo Meat to Students

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Who doesn’t like exotic food? Well, most of us probably do, but this time a school chef from Nebraska took it a bit too far. As told by the Time, a cook at one of Nebraska public schools was fired after “serving kangaroo meat to students.” The Typical Student team learned more about this unusual situation.


Unconventional Choice of Meat


Source: Northern Star


An official letter dated October, 17 was released on behalf of Mike Williams, the Superintendent of the Potter-Dix school district in Potter, Nebraska. The letter stated that the school chef, Kevin Frei, had served “kangaroo meat that was mixed with beef” in a chili given to students for lunch on October, 10.



Allegedly, the cook said the kangaroo meat was added to the school dish because of its nutritional value calling it “a very lean meat.” On Thursday, the Associated Press reported that Kevin Frei no longer work as a school chef.


How Did Students’ Parents React to the Incident?


As told by BuzzFeed News, one mom told the Omaha World-Herald news outlet that parents weren't angry with the unusual meat choice. However, "they’re mad that it wasn’t disclosed."

One of the parents anonymously commented on the situation, saying: “We just don’t like to be blindsided.”


Source: @AP


The kangaroo meat was purchased from the food distributor Sysco.

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