Apple’s New iPad 2018 PROS vs CONS: Here’s What Students MUST Know

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A week after the presentation of the new iPad targeted at the education market, the opinions of marketers, tech columnists, and users appear drastically different. Comparing the latest Apple’s creation to products offered by competitors, most experts have concluded the new iPad isn’t cost-effective for the education market. But, what’s the truth? Let’s view the pros and cons of the latest iPad supplied with Apple pencil.  

What Are the Pros of the New iPad?


Typical Student team collected a bunch of opinions advocating for purchasing the newly-presented iPad. The reviews made by influential tech media generally praise Apple’s novelty intended to shift the education paradigm.

VentureBeat’s Jeremy Horwitz recommended the new iPad to first-time Apple users as a reliable entry-level model. “Apple’s 2018 9.7-inch iPad is a ‘press release’ product, not an ‘Apple Keynote’ product.”

The Verge’s expert Dieter Bohn commended the new model for the extended battery life duration. “I can report that it feels fast, lasts all day (Apple claims 10 hours of battery life, and it gets close), and runs everything I’ve thrown at it well,”

Mashable’s expert Raymond Wong has specifically praised the new edition of iOS 11. “iOS 11 runs smoother (especially when running two apps in Split View), 3D games have fewer dropped frames, photos process quicker, videos export faster in iMovie, and more. Everything is snappier compared to devices with an older Apple chip.”

TechRadar’s Gareth Beavis admitted that “the new iPad for 2018 is […] more affordable, rather than cheap.” Still, the latest iPad upgrades bring a lot to the table and bridge the gap between the entry-level model and the iPad Pro range.

What Are the Cons of the New iPad?


Despite all the praise, some experts couldn’t help but mention the downsides of the newest gadget, Apple Pencil included.

CNET’s Scott Stein hasn’t been impressed with the Apple’s novelty advising tablet users who play a lot of media to consider other models: “This iPad’s display and speakers are the same as last year’s entry-level iPad.”

PC Mag’s expert Sascha Segan spilled some critique on the Apple Pencil. Basically, he commented on all its usability characteristics including the shape, uncomfortable length, ‘awkward’ charging, lack of an erases. All in all, the ‘6th-grader artist’ expert who was testing the gadget ended up losing it under the table at some point.

The latest update from TechRadar’s Matt Swider suggests that the new iPad ‘scored 2 out of 10 in terms of repairability.’ Being too difficult to fix, users will be required to purchase AppleCare+ for $59/year as an extra service for their ‘affordable’ new iPad.

Drawing the bottom line, it’s obvious there are much cheaper solutions for the education segment that students and their parents could purchase. Still, Apple’s latest gadget is not that bad to those who can invest a few dollars in service and accessories.

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