There’s An Epidemic Spreading: NEW Campaign To Stop Vaping Among US Students Is Just GROSS

3 years ago



FDA has taken action on student tobacco smoking prevention, which suddenly went viral. Only a few days after the Typical Student team shared the shocking report telling that 2M US students are smoking marijuana in e-cigarettes, a new FDA campaign launched. And it’s already turning heads!


Smoking E-cigarettes Is the New Epidemic



Source: BuzzFeedNews


The latest FDA campaign aimed to discourage teen vaping has staggering promotional posters and videos. In the graphic materials, young people are shown with “squiggly parasites on their faces” as reported by BuzzFeedNews. The campaign posters will be put in sight in “prominent areas of high schools, including restrooms” to influence high school students.


Why Are the FDA Posters Shocking?


Source: BuzzFeedNews


In the ads and posters, students are shown with “parasite like creatures” under their skin on their faces.The tagline says: "There's an epidemic spreading." All in all, the promo materials are trying to horrify the students rather than discourage vaping in general. The campaign is evidence-based, as the recent FDA report claims 2M+ middle and high school students had used e-cigarettes in 2017. The priorities are set to reverse the e-cigarette smoking trend. See the shocking promo video below:



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