Did You Know: New Google Smartphone Game Can Make You a Programmer

4 years ago



After the Google AIY Kit delivery, the corporation is at it again! Now it’s a new smartphone game that can help adults learn to code. Alongside games and toys meant to get children interested in computer science, Google is making an effort to teach adults some coding skills. The corporation has been developing the mobile app called Grasshopper to “help you start your coding adventure.”

During the application testing, 5,000 people have graduated from the JavaScript Fundamentals course provided by the app. Now, when all the preparatory steps are over, the time for a great launch has come. On April 18, the game launched for iOS and Android platforms.  

How Can Grasshopper Help Adults Learn Coding?

Google’s developers focused on the three obstacles preventing adults from learning how to code: time, accessibility, and money. Upon conducting the research, it became clear that the majority of U.S. adults had given up on coding because they simply lacked the time. But what if you turn coding lessons into a smartphone game? Maybe, this way it’ll be possible to fit the lessons into a busy schedule?

It’s true that most of us have spare time while idling after work or before turning in. Using these moments for learning could optimize the process. Coding has suddenly become the new black! People interested in learning how to code hope to advance in their career by getting the new skills. FYI, LinkedIn listed the abilities of mobile development, cloud computing, and data engineering as the top job skills for 2018.  

Grasshopper: How It Works

Of course, the game won’t make you a programming guru overnight, but it will teach you the fundamentals via JavaScript. The app has another important goal - helping people make up their minds if coding is a suitable career for them. Make no mistake, Grasshopper is not a one-way ticket. After completing the game, users can proceed to Coursera or LaunchCode to find suitable courses and programs.  

The Grasshopper app is extremely intuitive and easy to use. It’s possible to set the comfortable frequency of playing: every day, every other day, twice per week, etc. After completing the assignments, Grasshopper quizzes students to check if they’re comprehending the lessons. The app has a character called Grace (named after Grace Hopper, the computer industry pioneer) to encourage players to continue playing the game.

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