NOW vs THEN: 1700s Students Were MUCH Worse Than Millennials and Here’s The Proof!

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Lately, millennials face criticism for no particular reason! Whether it’s an economic crisis, weird shopping habits or diamond industry collapse, mass media are fast to blame millennials for all these things. Now, they’re accused for being irresponsible and ignorant of their education! But really, are millennials THAT much different from the students of, say, 18th century? The Typical Student team looked into the problem.


Are Millennials To Accused of All Sorts of Evils?


The recent piece by Vieno Vehko called “Millennials: the Age of Entitlement” claims a typical millennial “neither reads critically nor takes responsibility for [...] learning.” In response to the piece, Jenny Bann, a self-described "recovering academic" took to Twitter to share her vision of the problem. She responded with a series of tweets referencing a "collection of 18th century student disciplinary records" that she transcribed.


Do you think students were any different then from the way they are now? We decided to put together a comparison based on the two points of view.


American millennials do not view college as a place to learn. They refuse to take any responsibility for their learning. Getting loudly and raucously drunk, duelling with the swords and getting kicked out of taverns. 
Millennials see college as a place to get credentials that entitle them to start a career. Making 'obscene toasts' when drunk; hassling the landlady's daughter when drunk; taking a sedan chair home when drunk and trashing it.
Millennials don’t read. They don’t think as critically as they could.  Getting drunk and damaging somebody else's lodgings and subsequently getting expelled for this misbehavior. 
Millennials have lost respect for knowledge, rigour and hard intellectual work. Arguing at the university debating society that the university is a "dusty shop of logic and metaphysic" and students would be better off just going to the theatre. 

As you can see, back then students weren’t much different from the present day. They would get drunk, mess around with swords, break furniture, prank other people and deliver drunken toasts. Responsibility? None! 


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These are just a few citations from Bann’s work. See the links to the cited documents to learn more about student behavior in the 1700s. Also, to set the record straight, millennials are the generation born between the early 1980s as starting birth years and the mid-1990s to early 2000s as ending birth years. So, most of them are now in their 30s! But putting all of that aside, millennials still seem a lot friendlier than their fellow age group of three centuries ago.


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So, what do you think? Are millennials better than their fellow students from the 18th century?

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