Oakland University Arming Students With Hockey Pucks To Thwart Active Shooter

2 years ago


School shootings have become a tragic reality for US, so education officials are looking for ways to protect students from gun violence. However, at times the measures taken look ridiculous, to say the least. Previously, the Typical Student team told you about 3 Most RIDICULOUS Security Measures to Guard US Schools from Shootings. And now there’s more.


Hockey Pucks Are “Absolutely Last Resort”




As told by CNN, Oakland University, Michigan, has introduced a series of measures in case a shooter shows up on their campus. That is, students and professors may be throwing hockey pucks! Reportedly, it was the police and faculty staff that came up with such an idea. CNN informs that Oakland University already practices the "run, hide, fight" strategy.




After putting forth all kinds of suggestions which things to use from those available in a classroom (chairs, backpacks, staplers, "anything that has weight and would cause injury if you were to throw it"), people came up with an idea of using hockey pucks. Thomas Discenna, president of Oakland University's chapter of the American Association of University Professors, says hockey pucks are an "absolutely last resort." 2,500 hockey pucks have already been bought, with about 800 of those distributed to faculty and the rest to students.


Any Other Cautionary Measures?


The university's AAUP chapter also donated $5,000 toward equipping classroom buildings on campus with inside locks. Thomas Discenna continues: "We wanted to have a door lock that would be easily locked from the inside. Most doors now can be locked externally using a key." Both the pucks and locks make a part of a university initiative of increased preparedness in case of campus shooting.

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