25% of UK Postgrads Are Still Living With Parents Due To Housing Crisis

3 years ago


Previously, the Typical Student team told you about the “Boomerang Kids” that are never leaving their parents’ homes. Turns out, the situation is only getting worse as proven by the BBC News report. Civitas research has shown that a million more young adults in the UK are now living with their parents compared to the two decades ago. And ¼ of these people are aged between 20 to 34.


Which Areas Have The Most Young Adults Living With Parents?




BBC News reports that since 1998, the number of young adults living with parents has risen by 41% in London. However, expensive housing is not the main reason as the number has also increased in cheaper areas like north-east England (14%), Yorkshire and the Humber (17%). As for 23-year-olds across the UK, the proportion of young adults who live with parents has increased from 37% in 1998 to 49% in 2017.


Coping With Expensive Housing in the UK



According to the spokesman for the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government: The government “still needs to deliver more, better, faster, but more than 222,000 homes were delivered in 2017-18, the highest level in all but one of the last 31 years.” The ambitious ‘package of measures’ has been taken to build 300,000 properties a year by the mid-2020s.

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