One-Student School To Open In Albany, Wyoming

3 years ago



The Typical Student team previously told you how One-Student Schools Are Becoming a Trend in Southeast Asia, and looks like the thrend is now in US. As reported by Fox News, a Wyoming school district is "planing to re-open an isolated school to serve a single student entering kindergarten this fall."

Wyoming Law On Isolated Students' Education


The one-student school is Сozy Hollow School located about 60 miles north of Laramie. It has a modular classroom that hasn’t been used for about ten years. This is the second one-student school in the Albany County School District. According to Wyoming law, on-site education is required for "isolated students" in a situation when it’s impossible to transport them to other schools.

How Much Does It Cost To Educate "Isolated Students"?


Before, the school district tried to live-stream classes for "isolated students" but it failed, especially for young children. Educating the two students is quite costly, according to the district officials: it will cost about $150,000 combined to provide education for both "isolated students" next school year.


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