Only 4 UK Universities Inform Students’ Families About Mental Health Risks

3 years ago



These days, unis have many reports from the students experiencing mental health issues. Sometimes it’s connected with the tests or exams. Sometimes there are personal reasons. However, the situation is disturbing. After another student committed suicide and it was figured out his family had no idea about boy’s problems in uni, there’s one questions to answer. Do colleges inform students families about their children’s problems? In this post, the Typical Student team is going to analyze the behavior of UK universities.


According to The Tab, there were 47 unis asked but only 19 replied. With it, there appeared to be only 4 unis which do let families know about students’ mental health problems. Let’s see what the results are!


Which UK Universities Notify Students’ Parents?


The policies these institutions allow students to opt-in to their families. Parents should be notified if a student is deemed at risk to themselves. These unis are:

  • Bristol
  • Lincoln
  • Stirling,
  • and UWE.

What Are The UK Unis Considering Policy?


And here are the UK universities that just going to implement the same policy.

  • Durham,
  • Kent,
  • King's College London,
  • UEA,
  • and Strathclyde.

UK Unis That Aren’t Considering the Policy


Finally, here are the UL unis that simply follow existing guidelines. These institutions are not going to change their policy.

  • Birmingham,
  • Bournemouth,
  • Newcastle,
  • Reading,
  • York.

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