Over 1,600 International Students Allegedly Missing From Tokyo University For Immigration Purposes

2 years ago



The Mainichi newspaper reports about 1,610 international students missing from the Tokyo University and Graduate School of Social Welfare between 2016 - 2018 academic years. To this day, their whereabouts are unknown. The Ministry of Education disclosed this information on June 11.


Who's Responsible For Missing Students?



The ministry's judgment is as follows: the university bears responsibility for the missing students. Hundreds of students were easily brought to Japan without any confirmation of their Japanese ability. Due to the situation, the officials have chosen "to suspend the issuance of student visas for new "faculty research students" at the institution."


Faculty Research Students



About 80% of the missing students belonged to faculty research students. Subsidies reductions/suspensions received by the university as a private institution are being considered. As there's no enrollment cap on international students, the numbers have skyrocketed over the past few years. In total, 1,113 of the missing international students were faculty research students, as reported by the Mainichi newspaper.


Immigration Loophole

As of the 2018 academic year, the number of students enrolled as faculty research students increased to 2,656. These students predominantly have poor Japanese skills, some didn't attend a single lecture. The conclusions made by the ministry students enrolled to get part-time jobs. As told by the Japan times, the ministry and the immigration agency inspected the university’s four campuses in Tokyo and other cities five times between March and May. The officials discovered that the university was accepting students with insufficient language skills or those unable to cover their tuition fees. 

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