Oxford Student Association Requests All Kosher Meat Ban

2 years ago



Winter 2019, Oxford student association asked the university to ban all kosher meat. And what was the result? Let the Typical Student team tell you!


Kosher Meat Ban





To make a long story short, there is a student association at Oxford University that passed a non-binding motion to effectively ban kosher meat on campus. As stated by the Junior Common Room, (a student government association at Oxford’s Somerville College) they wanted college to serve only the meat that was stunned before killing. Needless to say, such a step will exclude kosher meat because it can’t be stunned before slaughter.


The Reaction





College’s spokesperson said that the uni will look into this request. However, they are also going to expand the meat offerings to take care of Jewish and Muslim students.


“We want all our students to feel comfortable and well looked-after, including at meal-times,” the spokesman said. “We are looking into expanding our provision of halal and kosher meat, and also providing more lactose-free, gluten-free and meat-free options, following a request by the JCR.”

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