Paradise High School Students and Staff Receive $1,000 Checks Each from San Diego Businessman

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This amazing story about a man from San Diego who decided to help out Paradise High School students and staff in a very generous way. Bob Wilson, chairman of Ducket-Wilson Development Company and owner of six Fish Market seafood restaurants, gave $1,000 checks to educators and students who suffered from the wildfire. The Typical Student team learned the details of the story.


Where Were The $1K Checks Distributed?

bob-wilson-gave-1k-checks-to-help-studentsSource: NBC News

On Tuesday, November 27, the checks were distributed at the Chico High school. As told by NBC News, some 980 students and 105 staff members, from the principal to the janitors and the bus drivers, were expected to receive them. Bob Wilson commented on his decision as follows: "I made the decision within two or three minutes of reading the news, that I would like to give these kids something. So they could have some good times and I could put a smile on their faces and maybe lift their spirits."


How Many People Have Suffered From Camp Fire?


bob-wilson-gave-1k-checks-to-help-students-02Source: NBC News


According to Paradise High School Principal Loren Lighthall, as many as 900 students have lost their homes in the fire. The wildfire killed 88 people and destroyed nearly 14,000 residences. Bob Wilson chose giving $1,000 checks because giving the money directly would let the fire survivors spend it "however they need."


Paradise Mayor Jody Jones commented on Wilson’s generosity saying "There are so many people who are doing very wonderful things for Paradise and the residents that lost their homes. We’re grateful."


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