Parents Keep Suing Schools Over Student Dress Codes, Will This Ever End?

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School dress code has always been one of the most pressing issues in students’ lives. It’s true, not everyone is happy about wearing the same clothes every day. However, in some cases the dress code issue might turn into a nasty situation. The Typical Student team previously told you about US Students Suspended Over Dress Code Violation and 6 WEIRDEST School Uniforms Worldwide You Won't Believe Exist. Now is the time for court action. Just take a look at the instances of parents suing schools over uniform!


Mother Sues School Over a Skirt


Source: The Independent


Catholic schools are known for having a unique approach to dress codes. But this particular instance is something out of the ordinary. According to The Independent, Roberta Borsotti, the mother of a seven-year-old girl is planning to take legal action against the “discriminatory” uniform policy. Allegedly, her daughter has been “crying every day” for the past three years because of wearing a skirt instead of trousers to school.   


As reported by The Independent, Ms Borsotti succeeded to convince the Catholic school in London attended by her daughter to change its dress code policy. First the woman threatened a school with taking legal action, now she’s planning to “challenge the government.” On the other hand, the harsh dress code reality in the UK is that 40+ schools are banning girls from wearing skirts. The Typical Student will follow the story closely.


"Discriminatory Uniforms" Lawsuit


As reported by Star News Online, in 2016, a group of parents filed a federal lawsuit against the Charter Day School in Leland, North Carolina. The parents believed school uniforms are “discriminatory” against girls. As quoted from the lawsuit, "the Uniform Policy requiring girls to wear skirts [...] treats girls differently than boys and causes them to suffer a burden that boys do not suffer."



Source: Teaching Times


According to the school policy, girls had to wear jumper dresses, skirts, or “skorts” every day. At that, no exception was made even for the PE lessons! The court action took an unexpected turn when the school was caught on spying on the students whose parents filed a lawsuit. It’s not the first time when the sexist policies targeting female students are under fire.


Previously, one of New Jersey middle schools prohibited girls to wear strapless prom dresses saying they were “distracting.” Also, one of the kindergarten students in Georgia was forced to change due to principal’s demand claiming her skirt was too short.

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