3 P.E.I. Colleges in Canada Get $1.5M For International Student Recruitment

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International students eager to pursue their higher education in Canada should pay attention to three universities and here’s why. At told by cbc.ca, the University of Prince Edward Island, Holland College and Collège de l'Île now have governmental support to be more attractive to foreign students. The Typical Student team learned the details.


How Much Will P.E.I. Colleges Get?


According to the cbc.ca news outlet, $1.5M will be allocated to UPEI and Holland College under the ACOA's Business Development Program. At that, UPEI will get $932,068, while Holland College will get $437,175. Further $176,625 will be allocated by the province and split between the three above schools.


Michael O’Grady, Holland College VP


Charlottetown MP Sean Casey commented on the news as follows: "We still need highly skilled post-secondary graduates who are ready work in a variety of sectors." According to Michael O’Grady, Holland College VP, they are “looking to recruit more students from Bermuda and the Bahamas.”


How Many International Students Are Enrolled in UPEI?


Indeed, $1.5M is a pretty penny, but there’s a serious reason to allocate this money to P.E.I. schools. Only UPEI has doubled the number of international students over the past five years to more than 1,200. This year, 18.5% of the overall P.E.I. student population are international students. Thanks to them, the total number of UPEI students is 2,500 this academic year.


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