Pharmacy Student Viral Rant About MLM Supplements Proves They Are ‘Harmful Garbage’ With Real-Life Example

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How much do you know about MLMs, also known as multi level marketing? Millions of people get attracted to questionable financial schemes by flexible hours and easy money. Usually, it’s a friend’s or family member’s recommendation that gets people involved into the scheme. In reality, MLMs are pyramid schemes relying on convincing people to get ‘under’ you in the organization. All in all, MLMs are predatory schemes based on false promises and ending up in  disappointment.

How Harmful Are MLM Supplements?

Pharmacy student that goes by nickname Morasuki on Tumblr hates MLMs. Her reason to hate these schemes are tied to her profession. Shakes, food supplements and diet pills promoted by most MLMs are harmful for people’s health. Falsely promising the cure for all kinds of diseases, these pharmaceutical MLMs are killing people. The Typical Student team decided to look into the problem and assess this student’s concerns.

According to Morasuki, people taking these “questionable” products full of ‘herbal extracts’ by the gallon are inflicting illnesses upon themselves. So, pharmacists have to do extra work to subscribe real medicine to treat people who had taken these supplements. Take a look at this pharmacy student’s rant and people’s reactions. This is important to know! 


Meet Morasuki, the pharmacy student who posted a massive rant on her social media on how people ruin their health by taking MLM supplements they know nothing about.


Then, she tells about the patient who had been taking the MLM products and how devastating their influence was on the patient's health:


She goes on explaining how harmful ginseng can be for some patients even though it's being advertised as a universal panacea. 


Morasuki said she could help the patient only because she had plenty of time on her hands to dive deep into the problem. Most doctors just don't such a luxury.


And she finished with how surprised she gets each time a patient tells her about the supplements:


How Did Internet Users React to The Rant? 

Among those users who reacted to the rant were pharmacists and doctors who also provided the real-life examples of the devastating impact supplements have had on their patients.









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