Pickle Bouquet: Perfect Valentine’s Day 2019 Gift For Hungry Students

2 years ago



Have you heard of this new Valentine’s Day gifts trend that will literally blow your mind? Well, in case you’re a fan of chocolates and roses, this year, you can express your love with pickles! The team has just learned that a bouquet of pickles can be a great way to tell your significant other about your feelings.


How Much Is The Pickle Bouquet?




According to BBC Three, the Valentine’s Day pickle bouquet would cost you about $44.99 (£35). Travis Grillo, who came up with the idea, commented as follows: "We know there are a lot of pickle lovers out there that would love nothing more than to get a Valentine’s Day gift loaded with their favourite snack."


What Was People’s Reaction?


So, to surprise your loved ones, you don’t need much - just some pickles, bamboo kebab skewers, and a vase. Here you go. So, how did people react to the whole pickle bouquet thing? Surprisingly, social media has shown quite positive feedback.











There are also alternatives, in case your significant other is not that much into pickles. For instance, a sausage heart: 





Beef jerky bouquet, if you please:




A doughnut bouquet, maybe:





Chicken nuggets: 











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