Who Knew: 5 Popular School Myths BUSTED In Real Life

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School is a place where we get the basic knowledge for surviving in this world. Geography, Math, History and many other school subjects are the base without which we cannot get used to living in the modern world. And of course, we understand that everything that our teachers tell us is important and worth remembering.


However, what if I say you that not everything that we were taught at school is true and that you are mistaken believing in these common misconceptions that teachers told you on your lessons. So, if you still believe that Isaac Newton discovered gravity when an apple fell on his head, the Typical Student team has collected 5 school myths BUSTED in real life. See the list!


#1 Chameleons change the color of their bodies to hide themselves.


BUSTED! It was proven by the scientists that, in fact, chameleons change their color in order to regulate their body temperature and to communicate with each other.




#2 Christopher Columbus discovered America.


BUSTED! Even though Columbus discovered America for European people, America indeed was discovered and populated by Native Americans tribes.



#3 Slavery existed mostly in the South.


BUSTED! In fact, the first colony that established slavery was Massachusetts ( which is in the northern United States). Besides, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and other founding fathers owned slaves.




#4 Isaac Newton discovered gravity after apple fell on his head.


BUSTED! Any apples did not fall on Newton’s head. As a matter of fact, Newton saw an apple falling from a tree and that inspired him to start theorizing about gravity.


#5 Albert Einstein was terrible at school.

BUSTED! In fact, Einstein was a true genius. He was really good at mathematics and other school subjects. However, he had some difficulties at school when he was young, but they were caused by dyslexia, a disease which cause problems with writing, spelling, and reading. So, Einstein never was terrible at school.


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