That’s How Student Can Get Success Without Money: Powerful Story of Tara Westover

2 years ago



Today she’s a well-known writer who published a powerful memoir, Educated. However, Tara Westover grew up preparing for the End of Days in rural Idaho with radical survivalist Mormon parents. Let the Typical Student team share with you this inspiring story!


How Everything Started

powerful-story-of-tara-westover-powerful-story-of-tara-westover.jpgSo, Tara Westover was born in Idaho. The family was really poor and the girl didn’t even get a birth certificate. Tara and her six older siblings worked in her father’s junkyard. The writer decided to educate herself when she was 17. She wanted to escape.



powerful-story-of-tara-westover-powerful-story-of-tara-westover.pngAnd she did it! Tara Westover had no money but she earned a PhD in intellectual history and political thought from Cambridge. She still lives there. Being 31, Tara presented her memoir, Educated. It’s about the transformative power of education and, obviously, the price she had to pay for it.

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