Procrastibaking: SWEETEST Way of Dealing With Exam Stress & Anxiety

3 years ago



Hey, students! Remember, we told you about the ways of coping with exam stress? In case you missed our cool infographics, check out Student Guide: How to Cope with Exam Stress and Anxiety? Part 1. (INFOGRAPHIC) and Student Guide: How to Cope with Exam Stress and Anxiety? Part 2. (INFOGRAPHIC).

Now, we’re going to tell you a sweet way of dealing with pre-exam stress, and it’s called #Procrastibaking. Procrastibaking is the latest trend emerging on social media, which basically means you procrastinate by… baking. Believe it or not, in the past year, there’s been over 26K procrastibaking posts on Instagram only! Putting all the pressing matters aside and baking instead is surely an art one needs to master. Just look at those beautiful cupcakes and brownies! Who needs exam revision if you can bake and eat all of this?




What Are The Rules of Procrastibaking?


Julia Moskin of the New York Times says that procrastibakers would typically bake following the “long, slow recipes that break up the entire day.” This is sort of a baking meditation, when students can do exam revision, and article proofreading while their cupcakes are being baked. Here are the rules that procrastibakers must follow:


  • The most important thing about #Procrastibaking is it has to be spontaneous.
  • Buying ingredients for procrastibaking is cheating. Any recipe that requires leaving the house is not in the spirit of procrastibaking.

  • Baking must be done to avoid doing housework or exam preparation.


Have you ever tried procrastibaking? What are your ideas about this?


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