Quebec University New Policy Will Now Allow Students Use Preferred Names

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Students who don’t like their given names can have a change if they enroll in the Universite du Quebec a Montreal (UQAM). One of the most respected Canadian alma maters is joining the movement toward allowing students to use a name other than their given name on campus. This also includes transgender students. The Typical Student team previously told you How & Why US Unis Use Non-Binary Pronouns, now there’s more from Canada.


When Will New Policy Come Into Effect?




As told by The Star, starting next semester, students will be able to use their preferred names in “all non-official documents and resources, including student cards, university email addresses and the student directory.” What’s more, professors will have to address students by their preferred names. Still, the legal first name will continue to be used in official paperwork and documents (diplomas, cheques and financial documents).


Is the New Name Changing Policy Popular Among Students?




According to the university reps, about 100 online requests to use preferred students’ names have been made. About half of them came from transgender students, while other came from foreign students who prefered to go by a different name. Jenny Desrochers, spokeswoman for the university commented: “For UQAM, it’s a policy that’s neutral and inclusive and offered to the entire student body.”


Danielle Laberge, vice-rector in charge of academic life at UQAM, has commented on the new policy taking effect: “Starting January 4, 2019, in an approach that is inclusive and neutral, will be the first French-language university in Quebec that will allow, under certain conditions, all students who apply to add a chosen first name to their student file.”


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