In 2019, US Students Will Have Their Lunch Delivered By R2D2-Looking Robot

2 years ago



Have you ever dreamed about the future where robots deliver your lunch right to the dorm or college? Well, looks like soon it will be possible. In 2019, PepsiCo promises to make your dream come true. In this post, the Typical Student team will tell you more!


California University






To start with, recently PepsiCo announced that the team is working on quite unusual robots. They are meant to deliver snacks to students. Talking about the prototypes the company already present, these things are kinda R2D2-lookin' robots. And now just imagine R2D2 coming to your dorm to provide you with tasty food…. What a dream!

So, these robots are made at the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California, US.


Robby Technologies






Robby Technologies is a Y-Combinator company which makes the robots. They also work on famous PepsiCo outfits. Today, the team is about to present us the rolling pods with snacks. There should be something like

  • Baked Lays,
  • Sun Chips,
  • and Starbucks Cold Brew.

Also, we should mention that this PepsiCo robot is just part of a bigger trend related to autonomous food delivery. As you may know, UC Berkeley already showcased its own snack delivery robot in 2017. Now such well-known companies like GM, Ford, Walmart, and Door Dash also wanna take part in the robot delivery game.



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