Extra Racist Question Posted By California Student After Final Exam Goes Viral

2 years ago



Winter 2018, one Cal State Long Beach student claims a final exam question was full of racism. How serious the situation can be? In this post, the Typical Student team will answer this question.


Original Story





So, it happened at Cal State Long Beach University, California, US. A local student published a pic of the final exam question on Twitter. The question is: “Which of the following gangs generally do the least graffiti?” And the variants were: Black, Asian, Hispanic or White.

Besides, it was a health science final this week. Looks like it really crossed the line into racism.

“When I tell you I hate my Thursday night class, this is why,” said the student.


The Reaction





Needless to say, the California student was supported by other users who said that the question is extra inappropriate. “I think it’s inappropriate. I think that it doesn’t make sense why that should be a question on a test,” said student Patricia Ighodaro said.

“We appreciate this situation being called to our attention and have begun an investigation. The campus takes these allegations seriously. We will provide additional information when we have reached a resolution,” comment the university officials.


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