Ralph Northam Caused Scandal With His Racist Yearbook Photo (Unseen Pic Inside!)

2 years ago



The news of the day: Ralph Northam can lose the governorship because of his racist yearbook photo. And it causes trouble for his Alma Mater as well! In this post, the Typical Student team will give you more details.


Eastern Virginia Medical School





So, in 2019, they found a yearbook made in the Eastern Virginia Medical School. It is decades-old and some pictures belong to Ralph Northam. Made in 1984, the college yearbook shows the Virginia governor in either blackface or a Ku Klux Klan uniform. And it doesn’t matter which variant he choose. Both options call for his resignation.


The Scandal





Needless to say, the yearbook caused a huge political scandal for Northam. At the same time, the officials have condemned the photo as “antithetical to its values and have pledged to investigate whether other yearbooks contain similar images”.


What’s more, the yearbook also causes problems for a 46-year-old medical school with mostly regional name recognition. Recently, there was the second blackface photo discovered. You can see it above!


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