Reddit User Created City With 83,000 Population, Laws And Traditions Run By Moose Mayor

2 years ago



Believe it or not, there's a city existing on the /r/HaveWeMet subreddit! The Reddit community members have created a separate city called Lower Duck Pond where they pretend to have known each other for a lifetime. Lower Duck Pond's population counts 82,200 members, which approximately equals the population of Sioux City, Iowa. In the subreddit, the inhabitants describe the events happening in the Lower Duck Pond, and everything looks extremely real! The Typical Student team learned how why all of this happened. 


Who Created The Nonexistent City On Reddit?



u/Devuluh was the one to come up with the idea of /r/HaveWeMet subreddit. u/Devuluh, who's been a dedicated Reddit user for a long time, often wondered what would happen to Reddit if there was a community in which participants pretended to know each other. “I asked on /r/findareddit if such a community existed, and after finding out it didn’t, I created it,” the Verge reports. 

Ironically, the people u/Devuluh asked for advice, became the first contributors to the subreddit. Soon after the subreddit started, it became one of the most popular Reddit threads. As for now, there are 83,000 members pretending to be the Lower Duck Pond residents. 


What's There In Lower Duck Pond?

Like any other city, Lower Duck Pond has a railway station, a university, a library, a computer repair shop, a yoga studio, several churches, many cafes, and restaurants. There's even a national park nearby! Among the most notable citizens are Ivan Ivanovich, the gang leader, and John Liv, who reports the weather forecast for Lower Duck Pond every single day! The latter became a real celebrity, so he now sells his own merch.


Lower Duck Pond News

How about the Lower Duck Pond's breaking news that made headlines over the past month? 



Like any other city. Lower Duck Pond is governed by a mayor, who's elected for a new term. The 2018 election was won by Bruce the Moose who became a  successor to Ulysses the Alpaca in 2018. 


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