FYI Students, Research Proves Smartest People Are The Heaviest Drinkers

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People all over the world are probably feeling quite sad about the recent research held by the British scientists. This time the scientists have been studying the effects of alcohol abuse. How often do you spent time with a glass of wine at home or with a pint of beer in the bar?

Bet, the World Cup Championship has increased the number of heavy drinkers. Studying drinking habits, scientist came up with a VERY unexpected conclusion. Turns out, the smartest people are the heaviest drinkers! The Typical Student team tried figuring what's that all about. In case you're interested in reading about other bad habits, check 3 Tips for Students to Fight Smartphone Addiction: Learn How to Break the Habit Once and For All

What was the subject of research?

The London School of Economics conducted a research examining the thousands of people. Among the “victims” you can find people with degrees and people who neglected higher education opportunities. The study was focused not only on adults but on teenagers as well. Though the bigger group was the 39-year-olds with different life background.

As mentioned above the result was unexpected and even significant. Here are two main conclusions which will astonish you.
People with degrees are more likely to drink on daily basis than those who finished only high school. The difference in numbers is really impressive – the group of drinkers had almost twice as more people than the other party.

Women are more likely to turn into heavy drinkers than men -71% to 49% respectively. What is indeed untypical is that this difference is in well-educated people with university degrees.

What did similar research of drinking habits show?

smartest-people-heaviest-drinkers-03NCDS research

If you don’t trust the study above, look at this one. The National Child Development Study shows that there is a connection between your childhood and the amount of alcohol you will drink in the future. The researchers divided children into two major groups – ‘very bright’ (with IQ around 125) and ‘very dull’ (with IQ around 75). The study was focused on the amount of alcohol consumed by both groups after the kids grow up. ‘Very bright’ group was exactly the one full of binge drinkers as they got drunk at least once a month.

Finnish research


Two studies above weren’t the only ones to base the conclusions on. In 2013 the Finnish scientists studied 3,000 siblings and identical twins to see if they have the same craving to alcohol. The result was strange – those children who developed their social skills and started to speak were the first to try alcohol and more likely to develop an addiction. According to the authors of this research drinking, too much alcohol is primarily connected to the peer communication.

Bottom Line

The modern magazine Psychology Today proves the necessity of alcohol abuse nowadays. It states that previously we didn’t drink so often due to different circumstances in our lives. The past alcohol consumption could be described as accidental in most cases. Everything changed with the idea of fermentation of fruit and grain to get ethanol appeared not so long time ago. However, you can see how this thought has changed your life.

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