RIP: 3 Social Apps Students Forgot About + 1 Notable Mention

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Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Remember using Vine before Snapchat and Instagram happened to all of us? And what about Meerkat? And don’t forget about MySpace, for those were truly the golden days of social media!


Most students did use or at least caught a glimpse of the aforementioned social platforms. If not, here’s a thing or two for you to learn. Want to know what happened to the social media apps we all loved in the 2010’s? In the name of nostalgia, the Typical Student team has put together a list of apps that are now destined to rest in peace. Check them out!


Vine (2012-2016)






When Vine appeared in 2012, you could hardly find a person not knowing what the app was about. Students loved Vine for it enabled them to create and post 6-second funny videos and share them with friends. Back in the day, Vine kick-started the careers of Shawn Mendes and introduced the world to Jake and Logan Paul.


Things didn’t go well after Twitter acquired Vine in 2013, and three years later the much-loved service was shut down for good. After several efforts to resurrect Vine, with its Vine 2 follow-up, that initiative has been postponed indefinitely.


Meerkat (2015-2016)






When you think about live streaming today, most likely the first app to use would be Instagram Stories or maybe, Facebook Live. Three years ago, Meerkat would be your app of choice for any live streaming activity. Things went south after Twitter launched its own live streaming platform Periscope.


Since Twitter was the interlink between Meerkat and its users, being reliant on Twitter played a terrible trick on it. As predicted by Mashable, the “Meerkat bubble is bound to pop,” and so it did. In October 2016, Meerkat was officially removed from Apple and Android app stores.


Peach (2016-2017)







Peach skyrocketed and died as quickly as very few of the apps did. Made by one of Vine's creators, Dom Hoffman, Peach app allowed users to chat with their friends and post updates on a public profile. In 2016, this “Twitter meets Slack” app quickly went viral, but didn’t last long enough and fell into oblivion.


Despite being a fad, the Peach app is still being updated by its developers. The app is still available for download in the 2017 iOS update. The caption reads "So you might have noticed that we don't actively support this app as much as we used to ... still, we don't have any plans to take it down."


MySpace (2003 - ?)







Speaking of forgotten apps, we couldn’t help but mention MySpace, which made a social media revolution. After its launch in 2003, the app gained over 5 million followers by November 2004! As of June 2006, MySpace was responsible for 80% of all traffic coming to social network websites. For a long time, up until 2008, MySpace served as a platform for aspiring musicians.


According to livewire, by March 2011, the traffic had dropped from attracting 95 million to 63 million unique visitors over a year! Struggling to keep up with Facebook, a series of redesigns and features have been introduced. As of today, MySpace is still online, attracting a mere 15 million unique monthly users, which is a far cry from 160 million monthly users attracted by Facebook. The platform is still active, but it is unlikely to reach its former popularity.




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