8 REVOLUTIONARY Chinese Education Apps Students Must Know About

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It would be an understatement to say that Chinese educational startups are becoming more popular these days. Their ability to accelerate and improve the process of education makes customers across China want to download the latest apps. As of recent, Chinese educational apps started to gain more users, since these platforms are extremely helpful and quite easy to use. Even better, a lot of Chinese education apps are pretty cheap or completely free to use. The Typical Student team listed 8 Chinese education startups and apps for students that are currently on the rise. Take a look!

#1 Zuoyebang


Total estimated value: $350 million

Zuoyebang is considered to be the biggest Chinese K-12 platform. Basically, students take pictures of their task questions and upload them to the app and then Zuoyebang comes up with the answers. The platform has more than 70 million monthly visitors and counting.


chinese-education-apps-06Total estimated value: $3 billion

VIPKID is an app that helps to find fluent English teachers for Chinese students. Besides, the app connects a student and a teacher and provides students with 25-minute online lessons. At the time of writing, VIPKID had more than 38,724 teachers and over 296,363 students

#3 Liulishuo

chinese-education-apps-05Total estimated value: $300 million

Liulishuo is another English learning application for Chinese students. The app is aimed to teach its users English with the help of various games and tasks. Also, Liulishuo has an out-and-outer voice assessment technology that helps Chinese students to improve their English speaking skills. The app has over 45 million active users and this number is growing every day.

#4 Tencent

chinese-education-apps-08Total estimated value:  $1 billion

Tencent is an English learning app which was developed by an American education company 'Age of Learning'. The app connects Chinese students with English teachers and provides them with online lessons. Nowadays, Tencent has more than 110 million active users.

#5 51Talk


Annual revenue: $94.2M

51Talk is one of the best English online schools in China. The app provides one-to-one English lessons to its users for just around $2 for a class. 51 Talk has about 10,000 teachers a lots of students from all over the world.

#6 Koolearn


Koolearn is an online service that provides more than 1,200 online courses. The network has more than 8.5 million active users that makes it one of the biggest education platforms.

#7 XS Teach (Xing Shuai Education)


XS Teach is online education platform started as a Chinese website for learning Photoshop. However, the company has quickly expanded and by now offers 300 different courses in 20 subjects usually connected with design, video or graphics.

#8 Yuanfudao

chinese-education-apps-03Total estimated value: $40 million

Yuanfudao is a Chinese education startup that is supposed to help students prepare for their exams. The app connects students with the tutors of various subjects and allows them to have a one-to-one online lesson. In general, a one-hour lesson at Yuanfudao cost just $0.15. Currently, more than 1.6 million students are using this app.

Notable mentions

Lao-A E-Commerce Platform is a Chinese online e-commerce educational app that has lots of registered users and which total estimated value is $21 million.

Crazy Teacher is a Chinese online platform that helps parents to find a private tutor for their kids. Crazy Teacher has paid online courses as well. The company’s total estimated value is $18 million.

Thus, it’s pretty obvious that Chinese have made a revolution in the world of online education. Moreover, they don’t even think to stop. So we are looking forward to their brand new and cool educational apps.

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