“Falling Stars” Challenge: Rich Kids Are Flexing Their Luxurious Lifestyle And It’s Getting Viral

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Looks like rich kids have found a new way of flaunting their wealthy life. Brace yourselves as the “Falling Stars” challenge is on the rise! If you’ve never fallen out of your luxurious Lamborghini with expensive items, the time is now. The Typical Student team got online to explore the new trend.


How Did the Falling Stars Challenge Start?




Instagram: @_alexandrova_elena_

Weibo and Instagram are being swept with the "Falling Stars" challenge. New pictures of elite offsprings show them flexing around with the most luxurious items. The trend started in Russia, later transferring to China under the name of the "flaunt your wealth" challenge (translated from Mandarin). Chinese super-rich kids were pretty fast to adopt it!


What Can You See In the Pictures?


The people partaking in the challenge post photos of themselves laying on the ground in front of their luxury vehicles. You can often see cars, but sometimes these can be yachts and private jets. The kids lay down surrounded with their personal items. The whole setting looks like they’ve just fallen out of their vehicle and got all their expensive goods scattered on the ground. But in a very artfully arranged way, of course.




Instagram: @itsagnezt




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Instagram: @ec24m


Many social media users are using the challenge to their hobbies like photography and workouts. Some users are making parodies with their pets and children instead of luxury items. Funny or not, the “Falling Stars” challenge is already causing problems in China. As told by Mashable, two women were fined for disrupting traffic in Zhejiang, China, as they made an attempt to imitate the challenge setting in the middle of the street.




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