HORRIFIC Video of a School Destroyed by UAE Students Goes Viral

3 years ago



Students can be EXTREMELY violent. Last weekend, a video showing school boys destroying the classroom in one of the UAE schools went viral. As reported by Khaleejtimes, the UAE Ministry of Education took to Twitter to warn both parents and students about the act of school vandalism. In the video, the teen vandals are throwing chairs and tables, and even hitting the overhead projector inside a classroom. See the video screencap below:

uae-students-vandalize-school-viral-video-02Source: khaleejtimes.com

The Ministry officials have announced that a disciplinary action will be taken against the students in the video. Their parents will be obliged to reimburse the educational institution for the destroyed property in accordance with the discipline regulations.  The video has been taken out, however there are screencaps proving the students were in frenzy:



Source: khaleejtimes.com

The tweet released by the Ministry of Education last Sunday, translates as follows: 

"What has been done by a number of students vandalising facilities of one of the schools is unacceptable and alien to the school community."

"Deterrent measures will be taken against the concerned students in accordance with the learners’ behaviour regulations, including obliging parents to pay repair expenses."

The Typical Student team will follow the story and make updates as it unfolds.

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