MUSEUM DAY 2018: US Students Can Visits These Museums for FREE (Download Online Tickets)

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Without a doubt, art is a huge part of any student’s life. It inspires and allows to forget about studying routine. Visiting a museum, you can take a marvelous adventure. It would be a great way to spend a rainy day. Would you like to add more art to your life?

In this case, make sure you read this post! Today, the Typical Student team is going to provide you with multiple online tickets. They are completely free!

Why and When?


September 22, there will be the Smithsonian's annual Museum Day. To celebrate it, lots of museums across the country offer free admission. It will be Saturday - a nice day for a museum walk.

What Museums Will Be Free For You?

There are literally thousands of museums that will be free to enter September 2018. Among them, you can find classic, niche, and unusual ones. For example:

  • “Life on the Ohio River” History Museum, Indiana.
  • Lizzadro Museum of Lapidary Art, Elmhurst, Illinois. The museum focuses on gemstones and carvings.
  • Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum, California. 
  • Beavertail Lighthouse Museum, Rhode Island.
  • Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum & Arctic Studies Center, Maine.

Where to Get Free Tickets?


Although all these museums will be open for anyone who wants to visit them, you still need a ticket. Keep in mind that one ticket provides general admission for its holder. Also, there is +1 guest. 

To get your free ticket for Museum day 2018, follow the link. Important: there’s only 1 ticket per 1 email available.

Amazing digital museum in Tokyo that will bring you to a new reality:

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