Sex Education in the UK: HUGE Changes Coming In 2019

4 years ago



In 2019, the brand-new Fertility Education Initiative (FEI) is to launch in the UK schools. The sex ed course aims at teaching the girls how and when to get pregnant. According to The Times, the teenage girls should get evidence-based information about pregnancy from the “coalition of leading doctors, fertility experts, and campaigners.”

Who Will Study In the New Sex Ed Classes?

The new sex ed class will be compulsory for the UK’s secondary school students. It will concentrate on the pregnancy preparation and planning in detail. As for the primary school children, they will be taught about modern relationships. As of today, sex education in the UK is compulsory only in local authority run schools. The curriculum only includes biology lessons. Since 2019, the new measures will be applicable to grammar schools, academies, and free schools.

The Fertility Education Initiative consultation was initiated by the Government to look into the issues to include in the new classes. It is believed that such things as sexual consent, sexting, pornography, and mental wellbeing need to be included. Also, the work group strongly encouraged the Government to include a detailed fertility examination “from puberty through to menopause.”

The Expected Positive Outcome of the FEI

The education experts believe that making a move away from the contraception and pregnancy as a process will provide a “more balanced approach to sex education.” There is a grave misconception about pregnancy existing in the society. Young women know very little about when and how to get pregnant. They think they will be able to conceive whenever they want to. However, the not-so-promising statistical data suggests that 1 in 7 couples have problems with getting pregnant.

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