1,23M “Boomerang Kids” Are Never Leaving Their Parents’ Homes!

4 years ago



The term “boomerang generation” or “boomerang kids” is used to describe the millennials forced to return to their parents' homes for various reasons. Expensive housing prices, low salary rates, and student loan debt don’t leave hundreds of thousands of young people any other choice except for living with their parents.

According to Avivo, this is an ongoing social trend which risks lingering for another decade. The study says that roughly “half a million more 25-34s could live with parents in 10 years if the trend continues.” Which is even more frustrating, 1 out of 3 adults is unlikely to ever have a home of their own. Eventually, in 10 years’ time, there could be approximately 1,23M adolescents unable to leave their parents’ homes.

How Do Parents Feel About the “Boomerang Generation”

As for the parents, the situation here is no less frustrating. The empty-nesters who faced the problem of kids returning home have actually suffered from this socio-economic trend. The recent study issued in the Social Science & Medicine magazine proves that returns home by children threaten their parents’ well-being. Conducted across 17 EU countries, not including the UK, the study measured quality of life by 4 main criteria in people aged 50-75.

These 4 areas are control, autonomy, pleasure, and self-realization. Higher scores were interpreted as “better quality of life.” However, the study also discovered the correlation between the significant drop in scores and the period when a child returned home to parents’ home.

Also, the study explained the drop in scores significantly influenced the well-being as well as age-related disability including difficulties experienced when walking and getting dressed.

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