SCANDAL: 6 Howard University Employees Fired Due To $1M Embezzlement

3 years ago



On March, 29 shocking news broke of six Howard University officials fired over participating in embezzlement scheme. The announcement came a day after an unnamed blogger created a now-suspended Medium post, accusing university officials of misappropriating $1 million of student financial aid.

According to the blogger, Howard University President Wayne Frederick allegedly knew of the scandal since May 2017. Frederick admitted having used the services of an outside auditor to investigate an alleged embezzlement leading to a May 2017 audit report. It became known that 6 employees had been fired, without specifying the amounts of misappropriated funds.

How Did the Blogger Learn of the Corruption Scheme?

In the Medium post, the author cited an anonymous student witness who used to work in the financial aid office and noticed inconsistencies in student grant dispersals. The anonymous blogger claims that a former student-employee at the financial aid office allegedly got over  $400,000 in financial aid in the 4 year period.

The post revealed his name as Tyrone Hankerson Jr., claiming he had received “need-based tuition aid and a special scholarship.” Later, Hankerson responded through his attorney in an official statement claiming he had not done anything he was accused of. “When the truth comes out it will be confirmed that I followed all rules and protocol with the approval of the, then, financial aid officers in any grants, scholarships or awards given to me as a student who attended class all year round and traveled abroad.”

Should Howard University Officials Be Trusted?

This is not the first time Howard University has been involved in a scandal. Previously, the educational facility has been tangled in a series of administrative issues, which led to trust issues between the administration and the student body. President Frederick was severely criticized on campus for last year’s Trump administration meetings. Given Trump’s past comments on black Americans, many saw that as a betrayal.

January 2018 was marked by problems with the heating system, so school officials had to postpone. Earlier in March, Frederick was slammed over his response to a student’s email expressing deep concerns with her inability to secure a spot in university housing. Apparently, student accomodation is a scarce resource. Howard University President had told the student her “tone and tenor” was “inappropriate.”

In the past couple of days Twitter has exploded with student outrage. Here are just a few reactions on this shocking embezzlement news:




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