Lush Life: St. Andrew’s Fresher Hires 12 Staff to Serve Her on Campus

3 years ago



We already got used to the fact that billionaires and their children easily waste money. However, this Indian billionaire's daughter is going to freak you out! Summer 2018, the student becomes a fresher at St Andrew's and guess what? She’s hiring 12 staff to look after her during studying. Let the Typical Student team tell you more details!


Who Is She?


Today, there are no names mentioned. The only thing we surely know about this person is that she’s from India. And she’s also the daughter of the local billionaire. The mysterious fresher already hiring staff to look for her at St Andrew's.

June 2018, a really posh job agency Silver Swan Recruitment posted this advert.


What Kind of Staff Does She Hire?


While the fresher studies, she’ll need 12 people. Among them, there are a maid, butler, housekeeper, gardener, three footmen, private chef and chauffeur. To say more, don’t you think that the chauffeur will be driving the student from halls to lectured and back?


Actually, billionaire's daughter already bought a mansion to live there during tution. Honestly speaking, even Prince Wills’ education at St Andrews wasn’t so glutted!


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