St. Thomas University Will Apologize To Student After Crop Top Scandal

2 years ago



This story happened to a female student at St. Thomas University in Fredericton. The girl was told by a staff member that crop tops are not allowed to be worn in the gym. In the end, St. Thomas University in Fredericton says it will apologize to MacKenzie Parsons. This story created a real hype in social media, so let the Typical Student team share with you more details.


Original Story

st-thomas-crop-top-scandal-1.jpgSo it happened in Fredericton. MacKenzie Parsons is a fourth-year student at St. Thomas University. She was going to work out at the university's gym but the girl allowed to wear a crop top. Actually, MacKenzie was approached by a staff member when she was at the J.B. O'Keefe Fitness Centre. What was the reason? According to local staff, crop tops can be distracting for some people.


The Reaction

st-thomas-crop-top-scandal-2.jpgAs you already know, this story quickly spread all over the web space. Finally, St. Thomas officials said that the student will receive an apology. "This is an unfortunate experience and it's completely our responsibility," they said.



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