Stanford Expels Student With Fake Sailing Credentials Amidst College Admissions Scandal

2 years ago



In the light of recent college admissions scandal, US colleges and universities are becoming more attentive to their applicants. The Typical Student team has learned of a similar story that happened at Stanford. According to BuzzFeed, Stanford University has expelled a student with fake sailing credentials stated in her application.

Stanford Sailing Team Admissions Scandal



Turns out, the unnamed student didn't belong with the Stanford sailing team. Allegedly, she was associated with a donation made to the school by the Key Worldwide Foundation, which is currently in the middle of a college admissions scandal. The former coach of the Stanford sailing team, John Vandemoer, was fired and has pleaded guilty to the charges. It was revealed that he accepted $270,000 in bribes from two Stanford applicants. Neither of them ended up as Stanford students. 

It is reported that the student involved in the scandal was expelled from Stanford. She had no official admission recommendation from Vandemoer. Still, the Stanford reps insist "some of the material in the student’s application is false and, in accordance with our policies, have rescinded admission."


The Bribing Scheme



As reported by the Stanford Daily, the student enrolled in Stanford through the standard admissions process. After she was admitted, the sailing team received a donation of $500,000 via Vandemoer. Stanford President Marc Tessier-Lavigne and Provost Persis Drell issued an official note to the university saying they will review and verify recruited athletes' credentials more cautiously from now on.


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