Stanford Student Activists Protest Against IT Company CEO's Speech On Campus

3 years ago



It's no secret that University of California, Berkeley, and Stanford are the major suppliers for local tech companies. However, things become complicated when IT companies contracting with federal immigration agencies Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) come to recruit new employees to college campuses. The Typical Student team just learned why students went on strike against tech compaines. 


Students Protest On Campus



On Tuesday, a group "Students for the Liberation of All People (SLAP)" that consists of 10 students went on protest against a guest lecture by Richard Socher, who happens to be one of Salesforce executives. The protestors' signs read as follows: “Salesforcing families apart,” “Richard are you getting rich from deportation?” and “Salesfart.”  Turns out, there's a much bigger student movement that includes pro-immigrant activist groups that have previously confronted Salesforce over its governmental contract.


SLAP Flyer Handout At Career Fair




The student demands look somewhat menacing: "Cancel the contracts! Stop funding deportations!" Previously, SLAP handed out flyers to their Stanford peers at a Computer Forum career fair. The flyers were encouraging students to "say no to designing tools that increase deportations, imprisonment & family separation" and "refuse to be a part of the Stanford --> racist tech pipeline."

The campus police had to remove the students from the career fair: "The protesting students at the career event in January were disruptive and asked by police to leave, in accordance with Stanford’s long-standing policy on campus disruption." 


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