Student Accused Of Cheating After Her SAT Score Improved By 300 Points Sues Testing Company

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High school honors student Kamilah Campbell says she may be denied from attending her dream school by the testing company that accused her of cheating. Kamilah improved her SAT score by over 300 points due to hard work, however this didn’t sit well with the testing authority. The Typical Student team learned the details.


Why Is Student Suing the Testing Company?



At the moment, Kamilah Campbell, who’s a senior at Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High in Miami, has filed a lawsuit against the testing company to fight the cheating accusations. She is represented by the attorney, Benjamin Crump, who became known as the attorney for Trayvon Martin's family nationwide.


According to Crump’s office, Kamilah is an honors student, with a 3.1 GPA. She has a deep passion for dance and is a co-captain of her high school dance team. Kamillah has also earned a scholarship at a local dance studio, she works at. Her dream was to study dance at Florida State University, the number 14 dance school in the nation.


What Was The Problem With Kamilah’s Test Score?






When Kamilah first took the test to apply for scholarship paying $159.53 per credit hour to cover tuition and fees, her score was 900 out of 1600. In other words, she wasn't eligible for the scholarship as the eligibility score was at least an 1170 SAT. Kamilah retook the test on Oct. 6, but got a letter from the company that administers the test, saying her "score had been flagged for further review."






After the teen inquired what the problem was, the ETS representative told her new score, 1230, "was flagged for being too much of an improvement." Eventually, Kamilah’s score was being deemed "invalid" as of Dec. 19. Attorney Crump's office is currently demanding ETS release Kamilah's scores within two weeks. Otherwise, further legal action will be pursued.

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