This Student Astronaut Trainee from Louisiana Might Be First Human to Land on Mars In 2033 by NASA

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Guess, there are very few students who can say they don’t like sci-fi. Still, do you remember a lot of instances when students were trained to fly into space? Well, the Typical Student team just learned of one, and it’s truly mind-blowing. Just imagine, a 17-year-old girl is making her dream of a space travel come true!


How to Become a Student Astronaut in Training?


Alyssa Carson, 17, is a student from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, who is currently being trained by NASA to become a full-blown astronaut. Alyssa has always dreamt of becoming the first person to land on Mars, and looks like she’s determined to make it come true in 2033! In fifteen years, the first human mission is going to Mars, and this female student has all it takes to be one of it’s members.




According to Nasablueberry, Ms. Carson is the first person to complete the NASA Passport Program. She attended all 14 NASA Visitor Centers, and is the youngest person to have graduated the Advanced Possum Academy. All of the above makes Alyssa a certified astronaut trainee eligible for going to space.


Wait, But What About Regular School?


Make no mistake, Alyssa is a student astronaut in training for a reason. Apart from her space travel preparation, the girl is also cramming all of her school subjects in four languages (English, Chinese, French, and Spanish). Can you imagine?


According to Alyssa, time is her biggest challenge, because she’s training and attending high school simultaneously. Looks like she’s fully aware of the fact that continuing to train at such tender age will also bring on further difficulties for her. Still, she manages to juggle all her responsibilities so far. 




Here’s the thing for all those people who believe it’s impossible to balance regular life and education. Apart from her training and studies, Alyssa is also a public speaker! One of her primary goals is drawing interest to space exploration and inspire people to follow their dreams.

Alyssa Carson admits she’s always been inspired by all the female astronauts “as they have made the road [for her] to follow.”

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