SCANDAL: Student Body Secretary in Kolkata Undressed by Force & Humiliated, the Video Goes Viral

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A scandalous incident took place in Kolkata, India, on May 29. 2018. The secretary of the student's welfare unit in St. Paul's Cathedral Mission College, Kolkata, filed a police complaint about the campus assault. The complaint alleged that his fellow students together with a student union leader had forced the student to parade naked after he enquired about the distribution of the student union funds. The Typical Student team tells you more on this SHOCKING story.

The secretary of the student's welfare unit went to the union room to specify how exactly the  student body president, Arnab Ghosh, utilizes the funds. It is reported that in the course of conversation an outsider and a friend of Arnab intervened, which ended up in an assault against the secretary. According to the victim, the student body president’s friends caught him from behind and undressed him.


Next, the secretary was paraded naked, while other students recorded the humiliation on camera. The video has been put down for ethical reasons. According to News18, in the video, “the victim is seen running across the room, desperately trying to cover himself and pleading for mercy.” Finally, the student body secretary was let go under the condition that he would "not interfere" in matters of union funds and its distribution.



WARNING: The following video contains sensitive content which some people may find offensive or disturbing.


How Does the Victim Feel After the Incident?


As quoted by the News18, the victim admitted to recovering from severe trauma for the past few days. Finally, the student body secretary made a decision to file a police complaint after seeing his videos shared with other students.


The complaint reads as follows: “The college unit president Arnab Ghosh and an outsider Inamul Haq, physically and mentally tortured me. While doing so, they also shot objectionable videos and photographs of me without my permission. When I asked Arnab about the expenditure list, he along with another person, Avijit Dolui assaulted me and shared the videos with my friends and colleagues in college.”


Partha Chatterjee, the West Bengal Education Minister, said "strict action" would be taken against anyone found involved in the act. In the event all the allegations prove to be true, the government would show no tolerance to such severe misconduct.


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