Student Caught On Camera How Her Cat Was Escaping A Closed Door, And It's AMAZING

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Cats are smart creatures without a doubt. So, if you like cats, you'll definitely love this story. Aliyah Steele is a senior at University of West Georgia majoring criminology. Aliyah took to Twitter to tell people how Cubby Jay, her roommate's cat, secretly escapes the bathroom. Aliyah got the whole thing on tape and it instantly went viral. The Typical Student team learned more about the smart feline.  


Roommate's Vanishing Cat



Last August, Aliyah Steele moved in with her roommate, Ciara Davis, and her cat, Cubby Jay.  Aliyah and Ciara have never met before moving in together, but they became  close friends soon after. At some point, the roommates started noticing that Cubby was somehow getting out from behind closed doors. The girls wanted to learn how exactly the cat does the trick, so they put a hidden camera to learn the secret. 




Where To See the Cat's Escape?

What Aliyah saw on footage, amazed her. Student said she couldn't believe it, and commented: "I was completely astonished. Very impressed, I had to share it with the world." So, she posted the video on her Twitter account @steeleio_. At the time of writing, Aliyah's post has amassed over 242K likes and almost 69K RT. 

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