Student Claims College Prof Charged Him for Recommendation Letter (VIRAL TWEET INSIDE)

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The Typical Student team previously told you how Huge College-Admissions Scandal Uncovers Hollywood Actresses Bribing Elite Colleges. Now, a college prof took it a step further. As told by the Hill news outlet, a student claims a professor charged him for a recommendation letter. The incident instantly went viral online.


What Happened?

As usual, the whole thing went viral owing to Twitter. User @FaisalQasim_ tweeted how outraged he was saying: "My professor really has the audacity to charge me to buy both his textbook and rec letter from him these people have no shame."  




The student attached a screenshot of an email in which a professor wrote he charges "$20 per recommendation letter." Here's what the email says in full:

“Hi Syed, I’m happy to write you a recommendation letter. Because I get a lot of recommendation letter requests and writing recommendation letters does take my time and sometimes my office supplies … I am currently charging $20 per recommendation letter. If you’re cool with paying me $20 for a recommendation letter and you’re cool with providing me with the deadline(s) for your letter, then I’ll write one for you." 


How Did The Twitterverse React? 


The tweet caught the attention of many people including the former CNN host Soledad O'Brien and author Roxanne Gay, who also expressed their indignation with the whole thing. 



Source: @soledadobrien



Source: @rgay


While some people on Twitter questioned if this whole thing wasn't a prank, others made their point as to how unethical higher education is. 

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