Student Darwin Awards: 4 DEADLY Sightseeing Accidents

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Traveling is the most exciting thing for all of  the students. It is the time while students can finally rest from studying and explore new places. Moreover, a journey is the best opportunity to take some nice photos and post them in your social media accounts, since who would not like to boast of their cool photos in Instagram. However, traveling and taking stunning pics for Instagram or other social media accounts can be pretty dangerous. There is a huge amount of cases of injuries or even deaths while traveling. Besides, the majority of the cases did not even happen is such frightening and dangerous places as abandoned warehouses, mansions, schools or abandoned hospitals. Though, most of the accidents happened in dangerous and life-threatening places.

#1 Albany, Australia

One of the most famous recent accidents has happened to an Indian student. Twenty-year-old Ankit, who was studying in Australia, traveled to Albany with his friends. During the journey Ankit and his friends were exploring the popular tourist attraction while the friends have decided to take some pictures and shoot videos. Ankit was attempting to jump The Gap while his friends were taking pictures of him. However, the boy slipped and fell off the cliff into the ocean, moreover,  his final moments were filmed. Despite the fact that Ankit’s friends say it was an accident that could have happened to anyone, it is obvious that the cause of this horrific tragedy was an attempt to take pictures and shoot videos for the social media accounts. Ankit’s body was found in the ocean and then repatriated to his home village in India for the funeral.


#2 Berlin, Germany

Another accident happened to a twenty year old US student Daniel Holland. He was a member of the OU College of Arts and Sciences Leadership Scholars. Holland was traveling to Europe for a couple of summer study abroad programs. He drowned in Berlin, Germany while trying to swim across the Spree river with his friend.



#3 Bermuda 

Another American student died from a fall in Bermuda. Nineteen-year-old Mark Dombrowski, a student of Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, went to Bermuda to participate in the rugby tournament. The cause and details of his death are mysterious. According to police, Mark was last seen by his family at the restaurant around midnight. Dombrowski was last captured by surveillance cameras at 1.30 a.m. near the place where his body was found. The postmortem examination showed that the student died from a fall from a high point,  however it is still unclear how exactly and why did he fall.


#4 Seville, Spain

One more deadly accident happened to twenty-three-year-old student from Poland. The girl was traveling across Europe and and at the moment of the accident was in Spain. She was trying to take a selfie on the ledge of the Triana Bridge in Seville and fell off the bridge.




So, now you can see that traveling might not only be exciting but also quite dangerous. Have safe travels this summer!

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