Student Dies In The Result Of Shark Attack On The Bahamas

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LadBible shared a shocking piece of news about a US student who died in the result of a shark attack while she was snorkeling on holiday in the Bahamas. As told by the news outlets, Jordan Lindsey, 21, from California had a swim near the Rose Island in the North Atlantic Ocean waters at around 2PM when three sharks came up to attack her. Jordan went on a holiday with her family to see the Bahamas' wild pigs and to snorkel in the clear waters. The Typical Student team learned the details. 


How Severe Were Student's Injuries?



According to the investigators, the three sharks involved in the attack gave the girl with fatal injuries. Jordan's right arm was taken off, the girl sustained severe bites to her limbs and torso. As the sharks were approaching, Jordan's parents shouted to warn her, but she didn't hear them in time. Jordan's father, Michael Lindsey, commented to the ABC News as follows: "Jordan was 21 and such a great daughter and person. We already miss her terribly."

Jordan's parents have created a GoFundMe page for Jordan, to raise funds for the funeral. On the page, it reads: "Jordan Lindsey was a beloved daughter, sister, girlfriend, and friend. On June 26, 2019, Jordan was tragically killed from a shark attack in the Bahamas. Jordan had the most beautiful, gentle soul and she will be missed deeply.

"Jordan's body needs to be transported from the Bahamas back to her home of California, which is very expensive. This gofundme is being set up to help Jordan's family pay for any travel and funeral expenses for Jordan's body. Any amount helps. Thank you."


What Do Witnesses Say?


A witness who was on the same boat as the Lindsay family claimed that tour guides were shocked that there were actually sharks in the water. Jace Holton, 32, who witnessed the tragedy commented to the DailyMail as follows: "About 45 minutes after we snorkeled in that exact spot is when people ran on to our side saying a girl had been bitten by a shark and it looks pretty severe. When we were getting back on the boat there were two small sharks still in the water and there was one large shark that I sent my brother a picture of that was still in the water."

This is the first fatal shark attack in the Bahamas in more than a decade, according to the Shark Research Institute.


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