Northampton Student Discovers Someone Masturbated Into His Gym Towel, Police Investigating

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If you like going to the gym, this story will make you think twice before leaving your work out towel unattended. You've propably come across some weird things done by gym-goers, but this one is a real turn-off. As told by LADbible, a police investigation was initiated because a guy masturbated into other people's gym towels. This story was told by UK student named Mohammed Ali, 17, who attends 'Pump Gym' in Northampton.


The Original Story




That day, Mohammed hung his towel on a wall while he went to the bathroom after the work out session. When he came out of the bathroom, he was surprised to discover that his towel had been used by some random gym-goer. At that moment, there was nobody in the changing room, so Mohammed complained to gym staff the next day. After the Pump Gyms staff looked at CCTV, they confirmed the towel stain 'wasn't shampoo', and handed the video to police.The investigation was started immediately by the Northamptonshire Police department.


Mohammed's Comment On The Incident




Mohammed commented on the incident as follows: "I was only one of four people in the gym at that time, I reckon. I went to the toilet for five minutes, and left my towel on a wall rail by the cubicle. I came out and they'd already left, and as I was washing my hands I noticed my towel had been touched, so I opened it up and had a closer look. I could see something white, and at first I thought it was shampoo that had leaked from my bag or something - so I went to touch it and give it a smell."

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