Student Fell To Death From The Balcony When Looking For Better WiFi

3 years ago



This tragedy happened to a student in 2019. He fell to death from the balcony when looking for a better WiFi connection. In this post, the Typical Student team will provide you with all the details known for today.


What Happened?






This story is about a student who was only 21 y.o. He and his mates were going to attend a gaming tournament in Bangkok, Thailand. They have been practicing when the accident occurred. Friends were playing the game called “Realm of Valor” when Homhuan complained over chat that he had poor WiFi reception.


Pattanadej Homhuan's room was located on the fourth floor. He climbed onto his room's balcony where he fell four stories. His classmates only realized that something was wrong when the boy’s character wasn't moving anymore. The student was declared dead on the spot.


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