Student Gets £4,000 A Month For Wiping Sugar Daddy's Bum

2 years ago



To start with, the Typical Student team already told you a lot about students’ first jobs. However, this viral story shocked and inspired the audience at the same time. In a word, this student gets paid £4,000 a month to 'wipe sugar daddy's bum'.


Who Is This Student?





This story is about Katarina. She is 23 y.o. and she’s a Nottingham Trent University student. According to Katarina, she found this sugar daddy to help her with uni. She says the man in his 60s helped fund her education. She received £4,000 every month from a "sugar daddy" to wipe his bottom.


Does It Worth It?





Answering the most popular question, Katarina said that this long-term arrangement was "obviously worth it". However, according to Nottinghamshire Live, Katarina had over 20 sugar daddies in 3 years she attends uni.

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