Student Goes VIRAL After Uploading His First Taylor Swift Mashup (VIDEO INSIDE)

3 years ago



19-year-old student created the mashup of 2 Taylor Swift’s songs. He uploaded it just for fun and surprisingly went VIRAL! Let the Typical Student team introduce this fresh masterpiece!


Original Story


The story is about Mitchell Taylor. The student mixed “Wildest Dreams” and “Ready For It” songs by Taylor Swift and uploaded it to social media. Next morning, this guy just woke up famous. He received multiple notifications. There were over 250,000 views already!

“It’s like, how did this happen? It’s just bizarre,” Taylor wondered.


Social Media Success


First off, Taylor’s video became popular on Twitter. Soon he was contacted by Taylor Swift fan group admins who wanted the student to upload his video there. After this step, the mashup received 50,000 views on Facebook pretty fast!

The student says he just started creating mashups. “I’ve always wanted to do it, but never really had the tools to do it, so this summer I just started,” Taylor says.


And now it’s time to listen to the mashup!

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